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In 2013 work began on the design proposals for the High Street Centre (HSC). The Centre fulfils a wide range of community services and is well used by its community but there are some issues with the entrance and circulation that the HSC want to address.

The shortcomings in the accommodation are as follows:

  1. The centre does not face Rawmarsh High Street and the community it serves
  2. The current entrance is remote from the staff
  3. The existing entrance is not welcoming
  4. The route to the lower hall is via a narrow corridor
  5. The circulation around the building needs improvement
  6. Access to the lift is through another room


Proposed Scheme

The proposed scheme addresses these issues by building a new foyer space on the facade facing the car park and towards the High Street. The foyer presents a new frontage to the main approach from High Street. This new frontage is designed to be transparent and lightweight so that the existing stone work will be seen and can be appreciated.

The new foyer would improve the entrance will allow access to a light, bright reception area with a new reception desk and area for display and a place to help visitors register for activities.  The lift, currently on the far side of the building from the entrance would be connected to the new reception.

A new meeting space will also be provided adjacent to the reception.  We are now fundraising for the main reception building works and have a number of fundraising events planned.

Consultation regarding the scheme took place and influenced the developing plans and the project moved to fundraising phase. Due to the scale of the project Trustees decided to complete the project in two phases with phase one due for completion in May 2016 thanks to local fundraising from groups and individuals and grants from the Bernard Sunley Foundation; Clothworkers Foundation, Viridor Credits, Rawmarsh Methodist Church, Rotherham and Dearne Valley Circuit of the Methodist Church and The High Street Centre.

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