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Case Study – Emma

Emma is a great help and the children love playing games with her.

Emma – Age 24
After School Childcare Volunteer

How long have you volunteered for?
Since 2015.

What role do you do?
After School Childcare.

Why do you volunteer?
I started volunteering because my intention is to return to University and complete my PGCE in primary education. I also volunteer in a school but still attend here as I really enjoy it.

How often do you volunteer?
Every Thursday afternoon.

How has volunteering helped you?
It has confirmed that I do want to be a primary school teacher and it has also helped to rebuild my confidence after a not so good year previously.

Have you done any training whilst volunteering?
Ofsted Essentials Course.

What do you enjoydoing?
Seeing the children enjoy themselves every week and all their different characters.

What do you want to do in the future?
Become a primary school teacher.

Anything else?
I like to ski and shop – especially handbags.

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