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Case Study – Helen

Having Helen in the office is great, she has got to know lots of customers and provides a warm presence.

Helen – Mum of two
Superstar Volunteer

How long have you volunteered for?
Since 2010.

What role do you do?
Administration in the office.

Why do you volunteer?
To give me experience and skills that I need. It stops me being bored until my daughter is 5 and I get a job.

How often do you volunteer?
Two mornings each week, term time.

How has volunteering helped you?
It’s helped me gain experience and skills that I need to get a job next year.

Have you done any training while volunteering?
First aid.

What do you enjoy doing?
Looking after my little girls.

What do you want to do in the future?
Get a job in admin or in childcare.

Anything else?
I love spending time with my daughters, two nieces and my mum.

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