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Case Study – Linda

Linda is like a Grandma to all the children. Her wealth of experience is second to none.

Linda Lindley – Nanna of three
Superstar Volunteer

How long have you volunteered for?
Since 2014.

What role do you do?
After School Club.

Why do you volunteer?
It gives me enjoyment helping the children who come to after school club.

How often do you volunteer?
Two afternoons a week and some in the holiday club.

How has volunteering helped you?
Makes me do things and gets me out of the house and gives me confidence.

Have you done any training while volunteering?
First aid and job skills.

What do you enjoy doing?
Doing things with the children, making things and helping them to read.

What do you want to do in the future?
Keep doing what I am doing and see my kids to well.

Anything else?
I love looking after my three granddaughters, my dog, daughter, son and daughter in law.

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